School Dress Code

East Ridge Middle School Dress Code 2019-2020

The school dress and grooming shall be modest, moderate, and decent. Apparel or appearance which tends to draw attention to an individual rather than to a learning situation must be avoided. In matters of opinion, the judgment of the teachers and principals will prevail. Items listed below are the appropriate apparel to wear.
2020-2021 Covid Specific dress code amendments:

  • For the 2020-21 school year, masks must be worn&cover nose and mouth at all times*
  • (“Never allowed” directives apply to masks as well as other clothing) 
  • Backpacks must be see-through.
  • Electronic devices such as cell phones should remain turned off throughout the school day


Size Appropriate means it fits. Not too big – Not too small.


  • Any shirt with both a collar and buttons at the neck are allowed for students. Sized andButtonedAppropriately.
  • No writing or pictures are allowed on the shirts with the exception of a very small name brand emblem that appears on one side at chest level.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • School sponsored T-shirts will be allowed and are not required to be tucked in. Size must be Appropriate


    • Shoes and socks must be worn at all times.  Shoes must be laced or otherwise fastened.
    • No open-toed shoes or sandals are permitted.  Ex. (sandals, slides, flip flops)  This is for safety. 


    • Pants must be solid colors of tan, black or navy. Size must be Appropriate
    • No leggings
    • Pants must not sag.
    • Pants must be hemmed.  They cannot have tears or splitsSize must be Appropriate


  • Shorts and skirts are not allowed. (Knee length skirts are allowed for those who object to wearing pants on religious grounds.)


  •  Coats and “hoodies” must be placed and remain in locker by 7:20 a.m.
  • Any solid color sweater, fleece lightweight jacket, or sweatshirt will be allowedAlso light weight jean jackets with no tears, holes, or writing are permissible.  All must be  Size Appropriate
  • All outerwear may be subject to calendar and temperature limitations.


    • Hair, make-up and jewelry must not disrupt the educational process in any way.
    • Hats should not be brought to school.  Hats should not be worn at school.
    • Large headphones will need to be placed in the lockers.
  • Book bags may be brought to school in the morning and placed in assigned lockers. Students will collect book bags from their locker at the end of the day. Book bag, purses, cell phones and other electronics may notbe taken to class. These items must remain locked in a student’s locker during the school day.

Never allowed *

Clothing or accessories that identify a student as belonging/affiliated with, a non-school sponsored group, or displaying illegal/contraband/inappropriate items.  Hats, headwear, hair bonnets, shower caps, wrap scarfs, sunglasses, doo-rags, bandanas, gloves, blankets.  This list is not all inclusive. ** In matter of opinion, the decision of the school will prevail


The administration reserves the right to add to or delete from the above code in order to maintain a safe educational environment. In the event of heating or cooling problems, the administration reserves the right to alter the dress code.

Acceptable mask styles:

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