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ERMS Student Handbook 2022-2023

ERMS Dress Code 2022-2023 - Second Quarter Reminder



  • Half Day for Students – Nov. 9th

  • Mobile Food Pantry – Nov. 9th

  • Thanksgiving Holiday - Nov. 23rd- 25th

  • LifeTouch Pictures – Dec. 1st

  • 2nd Benchmark - Dec. 7th - 15th

  • Winter Break – Dec. 19th – Dec. 30th – 10 days

Cell Phone Policy 

Possession of Cell Phones and other electronic devices

Cell phones and other personal electronic devices should not be used during the school day.

Students shall keep cell phones in their assigned locker during the school day. If a cell phone, or other electronic device, is found in a student’s possession during the school day it will be confiscated.  Cell phone violation will result in disciplinary action according to the Hamilton Co.  COAB.

From the HCS Code of Acceptable Behavior


1st Consequence

2nd Consequence

3rd Consequence

4th – 10th Consequence

Cell Phone Violation

-Parent Contact


(If parent is unable to pick up, then school holds for three days)


(School confiscates for 5 school days)


(School confiscates for 10 school days)


(4th-School Confiscates 20 school days; 5th- Confiscates for 45 school days; 6th-Confiscates for 90 school days)

*Schools are not responsible for any theft or loss of any electronic device whether it is confiscated or in the student’s possession.

*Headphones/earbuds are prohibited and fall under the electronic device guidelines unless teacher directions authorize use during class.

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Morning Drive Way Drop Off Changes for 2022-2023 School Year

For the safety of our students and to keep traffic moving after 7AM we have had to make a few changes to morning car drop off.  We appreciate your patience as we work through these changes.  Please review them below if you are dropping students off by car in the driveway in the morning.

There is NO Unattended Parking in the Driveway Circle from 0645 to 0720, it is for Dropping Off Students only.  NO unattended vehicles.  ERMS Staff and Substitute teachers please do not park in this area from 0645 to 0720.

Due to the needs of our CDC and students with needs, the outside of the driveway outlined in BLUE, is for buses and parents of CDC and students with needs from 0630 to 0700.  After 0700 this lane is a priority lane for all vehicles turning right into the driveway (blue arrow).

The inside of the driveway outlined in GREEN is for ALL vehicles entering the driveway from 0630 to 0700. After 0700 and both lanes of the circle are open for ALL vehicles the inside of the driveway is priority is for all vehicles turning left into the driveway (black arrow)

The Yellow Zone after the crosswalk is the only area for unattended vehicles who need to enter the office from 0645 to 0720.  After 0720 parking in the Green inside Zone is available for all. 

We hope to have these areas painted with signs soon.  Parents of CDC students will be given a laminated dashboard sign allowing them to park in the temporary handicapped zone from 0630 to 0700.

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